Peak House School Program is funded by the BC Ministry of Education and hosted by the Vancouver School Board. Peak House is a voluntary live-in treatment program for young people of all genders between the ages of 13 to 18 years old seeking freedom from problematic substance use. Peak House is hosted by Pacific Youth and Family Services Society and is funded by Vancouver Coastal Health. The program serves youth from across BC and operates within the harm reduction spectrum with a trauma informed, client-centred, and social justice framework. Learn more about Peak House

School Service

Students have the opportunity to set their own educational goals during their time at school. The school schedule is part-time (2 hours daily) and is held at the Peak House classroom. Students can continue with their current courses and receive one-on-one support with their work, or re-engage in school through a variety of learning options and courses. Credits for graduation can also be earned from elements of programming at Peak House such as PHE, Career-Life, and Foods Studies.

Youth attending Peak House remain registered with their home school and district and the teacher works closely with the team at Peak House and liaises with the home school and district to support the continuation of the student's educational program and transition back to school.

School Transition & After-Care Planning 

Students are supported to develop a plan for their education and/or employment/careers after Peak House. This can include self-assessments, post-secondary research, resume building, job skills training, and certifications.

To support the student's transition back to their community, the teacher supports the student to connect with their home school team throughout their time at Peak House. Educational information is provided to the home school team, which includes grades, credits earned, and recommendations for their ongoing educational programming. This information is reviewed by the youth and their caregiver and/or guardian. The provides a foundation for the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Student Learning Plan (SLP).